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Simply Mochi Debuts at Fabric8 Gallery 3-11-11

Simply Mochi debuts at Fabric8 on Friday, 3-11-11 for their Street Food Fridays!  We worked alongside 3 other street food vendors; mad 4 madeleines, sataysfied, and rockys fry bread.   We served 8 flavors of  mochi on our little mobile cart, with the strawberry cheesecake, pb chocolate,  fresh strawberry chocolate and fresh strawberry red bean being the most popular! 

We had a blast educating people on our modern twists of a mochi while noshing on our neighboring yummy food stands!

Thanks for coming out to support us and hope to see you back out there soon! 

Check out the cool art from Fabric8:

Simply Mochi Collaborates with 18 Reasons and Kearny Street Workshop to Teach Mochi Class!

On Saturday, March 5th, Simply Mochi collaborated with 18 Reasons and Kearny Street Workshop to teach a class on mochi making.  18 Reasons engages the community through food and art.  They offer a year-round calendar of unique wine tastings, art shows, community dinners, food classes, interactive workshops, and more in our intimate community space.  Kearny Street Workshop is a non-profit organization that produces and presents art that enriches and empowers Asian Pacific American communities. 

For information on 18 Reasons and what they offer,  please visit their website at

For information on Kearny Street Workshop, please visit them at

Here is some information on the class:

What: A Sensory Feast Workshops:  TOUCH:  SOLD OUT!
When: Sat, March 5, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Where: 18 Reasons (map)

Price per workshop: $25 for 18 Reasons members; $35 for general public Tickets:

How-to workshops to delight and develop each of your 5 senses with local artists, educators, and chefs.   This week is TOUCH and mochi making!   Mochi is a delicious Japanese snack made from pounded rice and filled with tasty tid bits, like sweet adzuki beans or, if your Linda Lo of Simply Mochi, peanut butter and jelly or chocolate!   During this two hour workship Linda will teach you about the cultural history of mochi and lead you through filling and shaping your own to take home.   Making mochi is a very tactile process, and we think it will bring your appreciation for “touch” to a whole new level. We’ll have samples of Linda’s famous mochi to taste and tea to sip, as well.  This is the second of five how-to classes 18 Reason is putting on with Kearny St Workshops and A Sensory Feast.   Each is dedicated to delighting and developing one of your five senses.

We had a great time informing individuals on the history and the process of mochi making.  We thank you 18 Reasons and Kearny Street Workshop for providing this outlet for us to educate others and to show people why we love what we do!

New Pick Up Location at Pot & Pantry in San Francisco!

Simply Mochi is happy to announce that we have  a new pick up location at Pot & Pantry located at 3412 22nd St in San Francisco!

We will still be doing deliveries in the San Francisco Bay area but if you are in the area and would like to save on the delivery cost, you now have the option of doing so. 
All you need to do is place your order at or call us at 415-519-1866 and you can pick up your order at Pot & Pantry at the date and timeframe that you need. 
Thanks again for supporting our artisan business! 

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