Mochi colored flowerMy name is Linda and for as long as I can remember, I have always had a sweet tooth.  My parents owned a cafe for 17 years.  It opened when I could barely walk till when I started high school.  This cafe served everything from savory breakfast and lunch items to desserts and snacks.  However, I always tended towards the sweets.  My parents knew that as evidenced by my frequent dental appointments for cavities.  So, they discouraged it and I rebeled.   Everyday after school, I would sneak candy bars and mini ice cream containers into my pockets and backpack.  Just anticipating the smell of the unopened packages were intoxicating.  So, my love affair with desserts started, with mochi being one of my favorites.

I liked mochi when I first tried it.  But when I had a fresh one from Japan, I fell in love with it!

Ever since then, my passion has been to create mochis that will bring the same smile and excitement as it has brought me.